Tanishq Jewellery

A Tanishq Jewellery Gold Gift Card by TATA

The Tanishq Gold is a feminine offering of Tata in their long chain of products. This Tanishq saga commenced in the in 1994 to cater to the European and American markets of jewellery and jewellery watches. After few years when Tanishq was first launched in its nativeland i.e. in India, it has created a stir among the fairer sex. A revolutionary event in both the jewellery trade as well as jewellery buying behaviour, Tanishq Gold has successfully set a new parameters of eminence for others to follow.

Please Note: All Tanishq Gold Gift Vouchers will be directly couriered to the recipient.  So, kindly allow 7-10 working days for shipping the same to the desired destination.