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Buy Books with Oxford Bookstore Gift Card

Terms and Conditions-
Validity 6 Months form the date of issue.
This Gift Voucher must be redeemed in full against a single transaction.
Store location to redeem gift voucher will vary according to the opening / closing of the store/s
Duplicate Voucher will not be issued if this Voucher is misplaced or lost.
The holder of this Gift voucher or Certificate is deemed to be the beneficiary.
This Gift Voucher cannot be exchanged for cash or cheque.

Gift Vouchers can be redeemed at the following Oxford Book Store outlets:

• Kolkata Oxford Book Store – Park Street  -  17 Park Street, Kolkata 16
• Kolkata Oxford Book Junior Store – 17 Park Street, Kolkata 16
• New Delhi Oxford Book Store - N 81, Connaught Place, New Delhi - 110 001
• Bhubaneswar Oxford Book Store – Pal Heights, Shop No – 204, 2nd Floor, J/7 Jaydev Vihar, Bhubaneswar 13